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Protect Victims of USC Dr. George Tyndall

Support AB 1510 – The Window to Justice


$25,000,000 for lawyers

$2,500 for victims

0 Accountability for USC

It All Adds Up to a Cover Up!

A series of investigative reports in the Los Angeles Times and other media have revealed allegations of gross sexual misconduct and sexual assault on the USC campus by Dr. George Tyndall, a gynecologist at the USC Student Health Center for nearly 30 years.

The reports allege the University received numerous complaints of Tyndall’s sexually abusive behavior dating back to the late 1980s,, actively and deliberately concealed Tyndall’s sexual abuse and continued to allow Tyndall to have access to young female USC students.


To this date, George Tyndall has not been arrested and NO ONE at USC has been held accountable for ignoring repeated complaints of his abuse and covering it up. The latest phase of the USC George Tyndall Cover Up is a backroom deal between USC and a law firm representing a handful of Tyndall victims called the Class Action Settlement.


Under the terms of this backroom deal, the average victim would receive $2,500. The lawyers who negotiated the deal will get up to $25 million dollars and the public will never learn how a predator was allowed by USC to molest hundreds…or even thousands of vulnerable young women for three decades.


USC is being sued by more than 600 former Dr. Tyndall gynecologist patients. Many of these victims could be denied access to the courts by the state’s statute of limitations law. AB 1510 will give these women two years to bring their case to court and seek justice. USC officials will have to answer questions under oath and produce documents which could shed light on the Tyndall Scandal. That’s why USC opposes AB 1510.